IC Academic Challenges

Photograph of Spelling Bee WinnerCongratulations to our Spelling Bee Champion, Ben Filice, a 6th grader, as he outlasted everyone at Indian Crest by spelling his last word correctly.  He was given the word “flambeau” and had no trouble spelling it to take the Indian Crest Title.  He will be competing in March against many of the area schools at the 4th Annual Discover Lehigh Valley Regional Spelling Bee at Northampton Community College, Lipkin Theater in Bethlehem.  We wish him the best of luck.

Photograph of Science Bee WinnerOver 50 students volunteered to be a part of the first annual Indian Crest Middle School Science Bee.  Lucas McDonough, 7th grade, outlasted them all by answering science questions related to all different disciplines of science.  He answered the question, "which term refers to a group of animals including kangaroos, opossums, and wallabies that give birth to relatively helpless babies and often live in their mother’s pouch?"  The answer was "marsupials" and he claimed the victory.  Next, he will attempt to qualify for the regionals in April.

Photograph of Geography Bee WinnerIn our Geography Bee, AJ Barrington, 8th grade, competed against all members of his social studies class to advance to the school wide bee.  AJ qualified for the top 10 in the school and answered various questions to place in the final 2.  He thought his hardest question was "what state has the largest rodeo in the world?"  He properly answered "Wyoming" to advance.  AJ will take a placement test to see if he qualifies for the top 100 Geography students in the state.  If he succeeds, he will compete at the State Level in March.  Congratulations to AJ.

Congratulations to all of our students who participated.  They displayed impressive knowledge and dedication to academics.