IC > Required Dental Exams and Updated Immunizations (for 7th Grade)

All 7th Grade students are required by the state to have a dental exam and updated immunizations.

Please have your dentist complete the SASD dental form and return it to the school nurse. Any dental exam from January of this year and thereafter will be accepted. I am sending you the form now so your child's dentist can fill it out at the next appointment. Please return this completed form to the school nurse's office by September.

If you do not have a dentist and would prefer to have your child seen at school, please notify me in writing. We have the "Smile Mobile Dentists" perform dental exams and cleanings in March. They accept insurances including Medicaid and CHIPS.

The required immunizations are the Tdap and Menactra vaccines. Many times these are given at the 6th grade physical. Please ensure your child has these immunizations and the school nurse has the documentation before the start of 7th grade. See your health care provider for this information.

Thank you,
Beverly Moyer, RN, CSN
Certified School Nurse
Indian Crest Middle School





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