Library Research Course: The research course will provide our students with the foundational skills necessary to become Information Literate inpiduals. An information literate person knows when he needs information and knows how to find and use the information efficiently and effectively. These skills are important life skills for everyone. This research course will teach information literacy in the context of a standardized research process called “The Big 6”. The students will be able to utilize this research process for any information need they have in school or in life. Students will practice the steps of the research process by developing, researching, and creating a brief presentation on a topic of their choosing. The Big 6 research process follows these simple steps:

Step 1: Task Definition
-Define the information problem
- Identify the information needed

Step 2: Information Seeking Strategies
-Determine all possible sources of information (books, Web sites, people, etc.)
-Select the best sources to answer the information need

Step 3: Location and Access
-Locate the sources
-Find information within the source

Step 4: Use of Information
-Engage (read, view, listen, touch, etc) the source
-Extract relevant/important information

Step 5: Synthesis
-Organize the information from multiple sources
-Create and Present the information

Step 6: Evaluation
-Evaluate how well the process was followed (What can I improve?)
-Evaluate the end product (was my research successful?)

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