Internet / 1-to-1 Computing

The use of the computer/Internet is a privilege. Any student who vandalizes any computer system will be responsible for that system's repair. Vandalism shall include but is not limited to: physical abuse/damage to equipment, unauthorized introduction of software to the network system, introduction of virus-related programs, deliberate erasure or manipulation of files found on the network system. Vandalism will be determined by the administration. Repair costs will be billed to the student at the current rate for on-site service ($100 + per hour). Upon second occurrence of vandalism, a student will be banned from any network system and may use only single stand-alone computers.

The Acceptable Use Policy of the Souderton Area School District in Easy-to-Understand Language

  1. NO Personal E-mail including diaries and unauthorized blogs.
  2. NO Changes to default settings (i.e. screen savers, desktop icons, wallpaper, etc.)
  3. NO Downloading files, music, or games
  4. NO Changes to the network system (i.e. deleting files, accessing another student's P-drive, accessing proxy servers, etc.)
  5. NO Offensive or abusive language or images
  6. NO Unauthorized programs, headphones, flash drives, external music devices, cell phones, etc.
  7. NO Inappropriate or unauthorized social networking sites (i.e. Snapchat, Facebook, Xanga, etc.), chat rooms, or instant messaging of any kind
  8. NO Registrations, surveys, free merchandise, or purchases

1-to-1 Computing

Souderton Area School District is implementing 1-to-1 computing at the Middle Schools for the 2016-2017. Please review the related documentation and agreements at