Dance and Activity Nights

  1. Students absent the day of a Dance or Activity Night may not attend this activity unless given special permission by the Principal or Assistant Principal. Only students from this Middle School may attend school-sponsored dances and Activity Nights - guests from other schools are not permitted.

  2. Tickets

    1. Students are encouraged to purchase tickets during school hours. Tickets will also be available for purchase at the door the evening of the dance or activity, however, for an increased price. An ID card will need to be presented to purchase a ticket. The ID and ticket will be required at the door on the night of the event.
    2. Tickets will be sold in the cafeteria during lunchtime.
    3. Students having problems buying a ticket should report to the office.
  3. Exclusion from the Dance or Activity Night - Students with poor academic or discipline records may be denied the privilege of attending dances. Students are not permitted to attend a dance or activity night if one of those events takes place while a student is on suspension.

  4. Dress code will be as announced prior to the dance. Most dances are casual dress.

  5. Coming Late and Leaving Early

    1. Dances and Activity Nights must be attended at the prescribed hours. Any student arriving at the dance or activity night late or leaving early must have a written note from their parents which must be cleared with the office before school dismissal the day of the dance. No one will be admitted after 7:15 p.m. without a note previously cleared.
    2. Students who leave the dance or activity night early must leave with a parent or relative and will not be permitted to return that evening.
  6. Once arriving at the dance or activity night you must remain.

  7. Valuables must be retained by the owner. The school cannot be responsible for any losses.

  8. The dance or activity nights are officially over at 9:00 PM. Students who are in need of transportation must arrange to have a ride home at 9:00 PM or their privileges to attend the next dance or activity night may be suspended.

  9. All school rules are in effect for all activities. Students whose behavior is not acceptable may have their privileges to attend future dances or activity nights suspended.