Upcoming 8th Grade Events: End of Year Dress Up Dance

8th Grade End of Year Dress Up Dance

Date: Friday, May 10th, 2019
Time: 7:00-9:00 PM
Location: Gymnasium

Student Government sponsors an end of year dress-up dance for the 8th grade class.  The dance is Friday, May 10, 7-9PM in the Indian Crest gymnasium.  The cost of the dance is $3.  The goal is to celebrate the 8th grade class and therefore is for Indian Crest 8th grade students only.  We encourage students to attend with their friends to enjoy a fun night.  Appropriate attire for the dance is listed below.  Please note, no limousines are permitted.  Also, any bags brought to the dance will be collected and stored until the end of the evening.

Dance Attire
· Dress pants/khakis
· Button down shirt and tie
· Golf shirt
· Jackets are permitted but not required
· Dress or skirt outfit
· Appropriate length
· No large cutout in dresses or tops
· No strapless dresses or tops
· No jeans

This information was shared at lunch on April 3rd.  If students have any questions we will happily assist.