2019 Marcia A. Wallis Memorial Scholarship Recipients

A breakfast was held May 10, 2019 at Indian Crest Middle School to announce the 2019 recipients of the Marcia A. Wallis Memorial Scholarship.  In attendance were family members and friends of Mrs. Wallis, family members of the recipients, and Indian Crest teachers and administrators.

Mrs. Wallis, retired assistant principal, was an advocate for students, always seeing the potential and good in her students at Indian Crest.  Her patience, commitment, and tireless efforts to see her students achieve and succeed still live on in the Marcia A. Wallis Memorial Scholarship.  Through the generous donations of the many people Mrs. Wallis touched through her career,  three students were chosen this year, as recipients of this scholarship.  The scholarship is unusual in that, instead of being used for college, it is for middle school students to use at this point in their lives to grow in an area of interest through a sponsored summer camp.  

2019 recipients are:

• Hailey Schmidt
• Jordan Kasey
• Abel Alarcon Ortega

Photograph of Scholarship Recipients