Google Apps for Education for Students

The Souderton Area School District uses Google Apps for Education for its teachers' web sites.  Google Apps for Education also contains an array of online applications that will enhance our teachers' abilities to work collaboratively with each other as well as with their students.

We have assigned your child his/her own Google Apps for Education account. Your child's account will be accessible any time of day from any computer connected to the Internet. They will login to this account under the supervision of a classroom teacher to ensure that every student can successfully access their account. The purpose of this account is to allow your child to participate in collaborative class projects and to create and store school-related documents online. Some of the main applications that your child will be able to take advantage of are: Google Drive, Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Forms, Drawings, Calendar, Gmail and Sites. Your child will also have access to many other free Google tools to help enhance his/her educational experience. For a list of some of these apps, go to Google Apps for Education works best when using the Google Chrome browser. This is a free download that you can do on home computers and can be found at Apps are also available for Android and IOS devices.

The district will make every effort to keep all of its students safe. We expect that your child will abide by all the guidelines outlined in the district's Board Policy 815.1 Acceptable Use of the Computers,Network, Internet, Electronic Communications, and Information. Your child will be held responsible for any objectionable activity associated with his/her account. The consequences of misuse of your child's Google Apps for Education account, as outlined in the Acceptable Use... policy, range from loss of access privilege, to suspension from school, to being reported to the police.

It is extremely important that your child keep his/her password secret. If you or your child suspects that his/her password has been compromised, it is your child's responsibility to report it to one of his/her teachers, guidance counselor, or administrator. We will change your child's password at any time upon request. Further, if you or your child suspects that he/she is the target of cyber bullying, whether through Google Apps for Education or any other means, he/she is expected to report it to an administrator immediately.

Thank you for your cooperation as we step our way through the process of providing Souderton students with the tools necessary to be effective learners in our technological world. If you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher(s) and/or your child's building principal. For more information about Google Apps for Education, visit