Discovery Education: Social Studies Techbook

I am pleased to announce that Souderton Area School District has selected Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook -- Ancient World (Grade 6), World History (Grade 7) and US History (Grade 8) -- as our middle school core curricular social studies resource. The Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook is a comprehensive digital program that replaces traditional textbooks. The multi-media approach that Techbook uses will support student learning and will immerse students into thinking and working like historians.  In order to do this, the district has chosen to use Chromebooks in the Social Studies classrooms.  At this time, we have purchased one Chromebook for every pair of students within each social studies classroom.  However, we are fortunate to have received a grant from the Indian Valley Education Foundation through an EITC contribution from Univest Corporation that will enable us to purchase additional Chromebooks for each of the social studies classrooms.

Students will use the Chromebook not only to access the social studies Techbook online but also to complete work and collaborate with classmates using their Souderton Google Apps for Education account.  The Techbook and Google Apps for Education were introduced to the students early in the school year.  We recorded this short presentation and you may find it informative as well.  You can access the presentation at the following video link:

We have had requests from students to bring their own Chromebook to school.  Given the district’s policy that allows students to bring their own device, this is certainly acceptable.

We are looking forward to an excellent year.


Katie Kennedy-Reilly
Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
Souderton Area School District