To be eligible to participate in activities and/or athletics, a student-athlete may not be failing two (2) or more full-credit subjects or their equivalent. In addition, a student-athlete must be passing at least two (2) full-credits per marking period. Eligibility is cumulative, beginning with a grading period, and is examined weekly (determined on Friday morning prior to the start of the school day). Students are ineligible to participate in any practice or contest held beginning on the following Monday through Sunday or until eligibility is approved by the principal. Only work evaluated and recorded by the teacher is factored into the Friday morning eligibility calculation. For example, if an athlete participates in an exam late in the day on a Thursday, it may or may not be evaluated in a timely manner to effect the eligibility calculation on Friday morning.

If a student-athlete is declared ineligible at the end of a grading period or semester, then the student-athlete is ineligible for a period of twenty (20) school days.