School Bus Rules / Video

A video monitoring device will be installed, operated, and maintained by TSI and may be used at any time.

  1. Stay in your seat with your feet on the floor while the bus is moving.

  2. No profanity or loud talking.

  3. Keep all parts of your body inside the bus at all times.

  4. Do not throw anything out the bus windows.

  5. No pushing, shoving, or fighting on the bus.

  6. Eating or drinking is not permitted on the bus.

  7. Smoking is not permitted on the bus.

  8. Do not litter, write on, or damage the bus in any way.

  9. Leave the bus only at your designated stop.

  10. You must be fully dressed (shirts, shoes, etc.) while on the bus.

  11. Keep your hands and feet to yourself at all times.

  12. You must obey the driver's directions promptly and respectfully.

  13. Riding other than your regularly assigned bus is discouraged by bus company officials. Permission to use another bus must be requested in writing by the parent and is then subject to approval by the bus company president and the School Principal or Assistant Principal. Any permission slips are to be submitted to the attendance office during morning homeroom. Students are permitted only TWO guests to ride home with them per day. For example, it is not permitted for 1 student to transport 5 or 6 students home to his/her party. No student will be permitted to call for permission to ride another bus. A written note signed by a parent or adult guardian is the only acceptable form of permission.