Locker Use

  1. Students should be patient and careful in trying to open lockers with combination locks. Overloading and kicking of lockers, as evidenced by black marks and dents, will not be tolerated. Students will be charged for damages.
  2. You are responsible for remembering the combination to your locker. Do not tell other students your locker combination or preset your locker. Students should not share a locker. Locker doors should be closed gently without slamming. Garments and books should be kept clear.
  3. Students may go to their lockers without special passes at these times:
    1. Immediately upon arriving before morning homeroom period.
    2. Each team will designate specific locker stops.
    3. Before leaving school.
  4. Students should make locker visits as orderly and quietly as possible, taking care not to block the corridors.
  5. If your locker is damaged or will not work properly, please report it before/after school or during your lunch period.
  6. Lockers are the property of the school and may be searched by an administrator at any time. (See definition of Search & Seizure.)
  7. All outerwear (hats, jackets, sunglasses, etc.) must be placed in the locker.
  8. Hall and Gym lockers must be used and locked. Theft of personal property is the student's responsibility if the Hall and Gym locker is not being used properly.