School Nurse

In case of illness the student will be excused by the classroom teacher to visit the nurse. If the nurse is not available or is not in her office when an illness or emergency occurs, the student should report to the Main Office.

  1. Every student must have a pass from the classroom teacher, unless an emergency exists.
  2. Excused medical passes for gym must include a note from a parent or doctor explaining the medical reason and should be taken to the school nurse during morning homeroom.

In order to maintain the highest level of health in our school, we have a well-planned health program. To make the program function smoothly and successfully, we need the cooperation of home, school, parents, teachers, and students. Some of the services available are:

  1. Measurement of height and weight and vision screenings for all students in all grades.
  2. Medical examination for each student in the 6th grade.
  3. Dental, scoliosis, and hearing screenings for each student in the 7th grade.
  4. BMI (Body Mass Index) will be calculated for all students. The results will be sent home.
  5. First Aid (emergency only) for those who may be injured or become ill during the school day. The nurse will call in case of illness or injury at school and ask the parent to come to school for the child. Transportation is to be arranged by the parents.