9th Grade Schedules for 2022-2023

Current 8th Grade Students will be receiving their 9th Grade Schedules on Thursday, June 2nd! Students will receive their schedule along with a cover letter describing the below information. A Google Form Link will also be included in the letter, so that students can complete an add/drop request. Please refer to the below criteria for an add/drop request (students will only be able to add a course if they do not have a minimum of 7 credits scheduled). The last day to submit an add/drop request will be at the end of the day on June 5th.

Schedule Checklist:

-Check to see that you are scheduled for a minimum of 7 credits
-Your schedule may have blank spots for one of the following reasons:
  1. A course you selected is FULL
  2. A course conflicts with another class on your schedule
Course request changes are for corrections only, based on the following criteria:
  1. Missing a core class in your schedule (English, SS, Math, Science)
  2. An imbalance in the schedule (3 or more core classes in one semester)
  3. A course prerequisite is not met (i.e. Spanish II without taking Spanish I)
  4. An increase in the rigor of a course is desired
Please Remember:
- Even if a request is based on the above criteria, it may not be possible.
- Elective courses are not guaranteed.
- Requests may not be granted due to class availability

Please contact your child's School Counselor with any questions!
Claudia LaMarca (A-L)
Brendan Stanton (M-Z)