Math Support Information

Next week we would like to try something new in our attempt to support you with math content. Instead of assigning content, we will be taking requests for topics that you believe would be beneficial for you. Depending on the topics that are suggested, sessions may be small-group or individual.

The schedule for next will not be determined by grade level. Instead, you will be asked to select a day and time that would be most convenient for you. The available days and times are listed below. The length of an individual or small-group session will vary depending on the topic and the number of people involved.

All sessions will continue to be run by Fran Masin-Moyer, an Instructional Coach and former District math teacher. Use the link at the bottom of this message to register, suggest topics of interest to you, and select a convenient day and time.

Available dates and times
  • Monday, May 18th 8:00 AM
  • Monday, May 18th 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday, May 20th 8:00 AM
  • Wednesday, May 20th 7:00 PM
  • Thursday, May 21st 8:00 AM
  • Thursday, May 21st 7:00 PM
Please click on this form to fill out the registration form. This will allow us to send a link so you can access the session. The link will be sent out the evening before the session is to run.

Thank you and please feel free to email any questions to