Virtual Learning Plan for Nov. 30-Dec. 4

As a follow-up to Dr. Gallagher’s e-mail regarding the Virtual Week November 30-December 4, this e-mail has additional details specific to Indian Crest. The presentation will also be posted in Schoology on the Indian Crest page. This week, teachers will review with students the keys to be successful while virtual. Students should take home their computer, charger, math workbook, and any other items that they will need to be successful for our virtual week on Friday, November 20. Morning announcements and the day of the cycle will be posted each morning on Indian Crest Schoology page.


  • Students will follow their daily schedule.
  • Students will use Microsoft Teams for their synchronous lesson every block.
  • On Monday, November 30 students will begin their day in Advisory at 7:40AM.
  • Tuesday, December 1 - Friday, December 4 there will not be a Focus block. Students will begin in Block 1 at 8:15AM.
  • Teachers will be available for office hours, 7:40-8:10 AM.


  • Students complete Daily Attendance Task in Schoology Block 1 course by 8:15 AM.
  • If a student is absent, tardy or needs to be excused early, please e-mail


  • Teachers will utilize Microsoft Teams to instruct for the entire block during our virtual week.
  • Microsoft Teams meeting links will be posted in each Schoology course.
  • Teacher and student cameras MUST be on to encourage engagement/accountability.
  • If a student has technology issues, they can contact the help desk at Student Help Desk or call the office for assistance.

The office will be open during the Virtual Week.

Please see the additional important information below: