Attendance Information

The Board of School Directors of the Souderton Area School District, consistent with Pennsylvania law and regulation, will not condone nor permit absences from school for an unlawful reason. Responsibility toward school personnel, success, and proper study habits are established during the elementary and continued through the middle and high school years. For this reason, attendance is expected and necessary for all grade levels. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every student enrolled in the public schools of the Souderton Area School District to be in daily school attendance except for the following reasons:

  • Personal illness.
  • Quarantine of the individual or home.
  • Recovery from an accident.
  • Obtaining professional health care or therapy services rendered by a licensed practitioner of the healing arts in any state, commonwealth or territory.
  • Death in the immediate family (five [5] days maximum).
  • Exceptional urgent reasons - Must pertain to the individual student as determined by the principal or designee.
  • Religious holiday - Upon written parental request; students may be excused from school for religious holidays observed by bona fide religious groups.
  • Attendance of classes for religious instruction: Upon written parental request, a pupil shall be excused from school in order to attend classes for religious instruction pursuant to Section 1546 of the Public School Code of 1949. The excusal shall be limited to a total of not more than thirty-six (36) hours per school year. There shall be no penalty attached to an absence for religious holidays or instruction.
  • Suspension from school.
  • Required court appearance.
  • In case of an exceptional student, where absence is caused by or directly related to the student's exceptionality.
  • Healthcare - Upon written parental request, a student may be excused during school hours for the purpose of obtaining professional healthcare or therapy services only if the following requirements are met:
    • The health or therapeutic services are to be rendered by Commonwealth-licensed practitioners.
    • It is not practical or possible for the pupil to receive the services outside of school hours.
    • The time of necessary absence from school involves a minimum of interference with the student's regular program of study.
  • Those students in an approved program of homebound instruction.
  • All EDUCATIONAL TRIPS with a family member or guardian must have prior approval of the principal or his/her designee. Approval may be granted for requests for educational trips to a maximum of ten (10) school days per year. The Superintendent, on a case-by-case basis, will review exceptions. See the Page 2 of the SASD calendar for the testing schedule and the District's Attendance Policy.