IC Spring Musical Additional Information

Indian Crest Middle School's Spring Musical this year is High School Musical Jr! This is a fun show with lots of parts of everyone! Please refer to that other email for all the instructions, but we wanted to send a note introducing ourselves further and answering a few questions.

Who are Mr. and Mrs. Shapella and Ms. Rainear? (The directors and choreographer)

Mr. Shapella (it's okay, you can call him Brian) has worked in local Community Theater for over 15 years. You may have seen him in a production at Playcrafters of Skippack or heard/seen shows he's directed or music directed at DCP Theatre, Playcrafters, Methacton Community Theater, or others in the region. He also helps coach Souderton Recreational Softball. Mrs. Shapella (Laura) has been on-stage as an actress in a number of local productions as well, primarily at Laymen Playmen in Hatfield, Playcrafters of Skippack, and Methacton Community Theater. Ms. Rainear (Suzanne) is an Indian Crest and Souderton High graduate and was very involved with Souderton Theater, playing a number of main roles in Souderton High's shows while she was there. She is a very experienced dancer and also performs in local community theater. We come with lots of energy, passion, and experience and are ready to help you all put on a great show!

What if I audition for a Lead role and don't get cast in that role? Can I still be in the show?
Of course!! This show has some fun lead roles, yes. The best part about this show, though, is that all of the major musical numbers are group numbers. That means everyone who is in the show will have lots to do. You will be on-stage a lot, will learn lots of music, and will have a great time. We encourage you to audition for the bigger parts, of course, but everyone in the show will have lots of fun!!

There seems like there are a lot of rehearsals - will I need to be at all of them?

No! Depending on which role you are cast in, we will give you a specific schedule communicated every week or two. Some weeks you'll be asked to come to one rehearsal, some weeks all three. It all depends on what we're learning. The last 2-3 weeks before the show will be the biggest time commitment.

I'm not really interested in being on stage, but I really want to help backstage. What do I do?
Just wait a few weeks - after we run auditions, we will hold meetings with students who want to help with set, costumes, lighting, or sound. We will need lots of help and we're hoping for lots of student volunteers.

Rehearsal on weeknights until 9pm is a bit late for me and my family. What options do I have?
If you have questions about rehearsal schedule, please reach out to us! We will speak with you individually about what options we might have.

Please contact us with any other questions or comments. You can e-mail us at icms-musical@soudertonsd.us. We're ready to answer any questions you may have!
Have a wonderful Winter Break and we hope to see many of you at auditions!

Brian Shapella (Co-Director)
Laura Shapella (Co-Director)
Suzanne Rainear (Choreographer)
Amy Stover (Producer)