Spring Sports 2020

Spring Sports at Indian Crest begins Monday, March 16, 2020
Note: This is two weeks after high school spring sports begins.

We are very excited about the upcoming season and look forward to working with your 7th or 8th grade student-athlete as they participate in extra-curricular endeavors.  It is our goal to make this time rewarding and meaningful, as well as safe and enjoyable.  Here are a few helpful tips to aid you and your child through the spring sports process:

1.     The sports offered are Girls Softball, Boys Baseball, Girls Lacrosse, and Boys and Girls Track and Field.

2.     Every student-athlete needs to submit proper paperwork before they are eligible to participate.  Those papers are the CIPPE forms pages 1-6 and the medical insurance waiver, which can be found on our school website under athletics. Also, there are copies in our main office. (Note:  If your child has already participated in a school sport during the 2019-2020 school year they only need to complete page 7 of the CIPPE form.) 

3.     Please plan on having your child practice EVERYDAY.   Most days it will be from 2:55-5:00 outside; however, due to spring weather patterns it may be shortened, or inside in the gym, or on the blacktop. Students should be prepared for any adaptations to both practice and games with appropriate footwear and clothing. 

4.     Constant monitoring of the school website and checking of emails is strongly suggested because dates, times and locations do sometimes change.

5.     No activity fees are required UNTIL the teams have been selected after a few days of tryouts. Please be reminded that we DO NOT have junior varsity teams and therefore in some sports competition for roster spots may be challenging. If your son or daughter has already participated in a school sport during the 2019-2020 school year and have already paid the activity fee, they are not required to pay again.

6.     Sports equipment will be stored during the day in the closet located in the science wing across from the gymnasium. Items should be placed there in the morning before school. The closet will be locked during the school day for security.  It will be unlocked at the end of the day for sports practices and games.  Students are reminded to be responsible for ALL their valuables and belongings to ensure their safety. 

Please feel free to contact Mr. Rick Hess with any questions or concerns you may still have at 215-723-9193 or rhess@soudertonsd.org during regular school hours. We look forward to making this spring season enjoyable for all!