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Focus Block Information

What is Focus?

A daily block to provide an opportunity for all students to grow academically, socially, and emotionally.

The goal of FOCUS is to increase student achievement, promote positive meaningful relationships with adults, peers and to develop social-emotional skills.

Student's Schedule:

Focus take place at the beginning of each day, 7:40-8:12AM.







Selection A

Selection B

Selection A

Selection B


Students will select their Focus activities for Marking Period 1 beginning on Thursday, September 8.  Students will be able to make a selection based on academic need or interest.  In some cases of intervention and resources rooms, teachers will assign students based on need, data, and IEP requirements.  We will change each marking period so if a student doesn’t get their first choice, they will have multiple opportunities.  Please see a complete list of offerings at the conclusion of this email.

Intervention - Provide skill deficit intervention to students in a small group using data

Help Room - Provide re-teaching, review to students for their current course, retesting opportunities

Resource Room - Provide supports for IEP, ELL, Gifted students

Student Choice Activity - Provide an engaging opportunity for middle school students

Approved Service Clubs - Student Government, LEO Club, WEB

We recommend all students to select 1 academic offering and 1 Engagement Offering.

Academic Offerings

Engagement Offerings

Resource/Support Room

Team Help Room

ELA Intervention

Math Intervention

Science Fair Prep

National Geographic Club

Math Simulations

National History Day Prep

Creative Writing

Play 24

Brain Games

Multiplication Club

Coding at Crest

First in Math

Animal Science

Unified PE

Food Science/Bake Shop

Vocal Ensemble

Mustang Magazine


Reading Olympics




Student Government

Leo Club


Yearbook Club

ICTV – TV Production

Art Studio

Jigsaw Puzzle

Battleship and Mastermind Tournament

Mindful Coloring

Competitive Sports

Board Games

Disney Trivia and Film

Drawing Club

Friendship Bracelets

The Imagineering Story


Word Puzzles

Ethics Exploration

Chess Club

Couch to 5K

Fitness Club

Magic; The Gathering


Fantasy Football

Harry Potter Club


Rummy 500