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School Administrative Guidelines and Definition of Terms

As an integral part of the Souderton Area School District Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program, these administrative guidelines represent one component in a district-wide effort and are intended to provide a consistent minimum disciplinary means to respond effectively to drug, mood altering substance, and alcohol related situations that may occur at school or at school-sponsored activities. The Souderton Area School District shall provide a safe and healthy environment for all students with due consideration for their legal rights and responsibilities. Furthermore, the Board reserves the right to use any extraordinary measures deemed necessary to control substance abuse even if the same is not specifically provided for in any rule or regulation enumerated herein.

In accordance with the Souderton Area School Board’s concern for the use, misuse, and/or abuse of drugs, alcohol, and/or mood altering substances and as an extension of its Drug and Alcohol Policy, the following definition of terms, regulations, and guidelines shall be used by all school district personnel when responding to drug, alcohol, and/or mood altering substance related situations.