Absence for Family or Educational Trips

Requests for absence for a family or educational trip must be made in ADVANCE except in emergency situations. "Upon receipt of a written request from the parents of the pupils involved, pupils may be excused from school attendance to participate in an education tour or trip provided during the school term at the expense of the parents when such tour or trip is evaluated by the District Superintendent and pupil participants therein are subject to direction and supervision by an adult personage acceptable to the District Superintendent and to the parents of the pupil concerned." Copied from State Board regulations - Pupil Attendance, S11.26; October 23, 2004. For each day of absence, a student will be allowed one day to make up missed work that was assigned during the absence.

** Note: Educational/Family Trips will not be excused when PSSA testing is scheduled. See page 2 of the SASD calendar for the testing schedule