The Library is open all day for research and academic purposes. Most books in the library can be borrowed for three weeks; reference books, encyclopedias and magazines may be borrowed overnight and returned the following day. You are responsible for materials borrowed from the library. If you lose it or it is destroyed after you borrow it, you must pay for its replacement.

You may print from the computers in the library; however, we must insist that you ask the librarian or your classroom teacher to see what you are printing BEFORE you print the material. Ask the librarian for copies to be made from print sources (books, magazines, etc.)

Students are permitted to come to the library at the following times:

  1. Before homeroom - with a signed agenda pass from your homeroom teacher - students can take out or bring back books, do last minute research, type on a computer, etc.
  2. During the school day - with your class or teacher. Teachers are encouraged to schedule library time if they assign a project to their class that requires research. Usually, the teacher makes arrangements with the librarian and brings the class to the library at the prearranged time. Often the librarian can give a short lesson tailor-made for the research project.
  3. During the school day - individually or in small groups. If a student is absent for #2; if someone needs extra time to complete research; a "teachable moment" compels an individual to do research; or a small group needs extra time in the library, teachers are encouraged to send students to the library with a signed agenda pass. Teachers are asked to call the library first, especially if computer use is involved.
  4. Whenever possible, students will be accommodated, as long as they have an agenda pass signed by a teacher.