According to the latest PA Health Department Rules and Regulations for school nurses "all prescription" and "over the counter" medicine to be given in school will not be dispensed without a doctor's written order.
If it is essential for your child to take medication during the course of a school day, please complete the Permission to Administer Medication form #13 along with the doctor's written order and return it to the nurse's office with the medication upon arrival to school. This form is available on the school district Web site. Administer Medication Form (PDF).

It is the school district's "Use of Medication" policy (see School Board Policy #210) that prescription medication must be in a labeled bottle from the pharmacy. Please ask the pharmacy for two labeled bottles at the time a prescription is being filled. All "over the counter" medicine should be sent to school in the "original container" Your child's name should be placed on the container. The administering of medication in our school must be done under the supervision of the school nurse. Self-administering of medicines of any nature, prescribed or otherwise during school hours is not permitted. Asthma inhalers and/or Epi-pens may be carried by students with proper documentation from physician and parents. Students may carry their own cough drops in school after presenting a parent note to the nurse during morning homeroom. Carrying of water bottles is NOT permitted. Due to the concern for the overall health and safety of your child while at school, please notify the school nurse of any change in your child's health status and any medication that he/she may be taking on a daily basis.