Student Assistance Program (SAP)

SAP provides resources for students that are experiencing problems that interfere with their ability to achieve, academic, personal/social, and career success. SAP is a student assistance program that is implemented to help with:

  • substance abuse
  • mental and physical health issues
  • eating disorders
  • grief and loss
  • family concerns
  • anxiety/stress
  • peer relationships
  • self harm behaviors
  • depression

The Souderton Area School District has instituted SAP teams district wide consisting of professional staff who have received specialized training in identification and referral of "at-risk" students. SAP teams seek to promote healthy, safe, and substance-free lifestyles by connecting these students and their families with appropriate school-based or community resources. Although the SAP team promotes healthy lifestyles by connecting potential at-risk youth with school-based or community resources it is not a treatment program. Parental consent and active participation are both very necessary for the SAP process to be effective.